Sending love to your wave function! :)

I recently read a book called “What is Real?” by Adam Becker which left me questioning every damn phenomenon in life. This happens to be my first book on quantum physics and also the first book that gave me ideas to elicit a…

In Part#1, we saw what Hexagonal architecture is and how is it better than Layered code structure or Feature code structure.

We also saw that Hexagonal code structure is just a replica of the Hexagonal Box diagram and hence it helps maintain the code base as the software grows.


Adaptable and flexible software.

In the traditional Layered architecture, there is a web (UI) layer, a domain layer and a persistence layer.

In this architecture, everything builds on top of the persistence layer. The ORM based entity has to be in the persistence layer but needs to be used by…

Code is all about communication and communication is the professional developer’s first order of business

Functions should be as small as possible. The blocks within “if”, “else”, “while” statements should be one line long (probably a function call). …

To ensure an application is secure, developers tend to do —

  1. Input validation
  2. Using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol
  3. Validating content types
  4. Maintaining audit logs
  5. Protecting against cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
  6. Protecting against cross-site scripting (XSS)

Beyond these general web application security practices, there are additional techniques that apply specifically…

Building blocks for interoperability of major business platforms

Application Programming Interface

What? — An API is the interface that a software program presents to other programs, to humans and in case of web APIs, to the world via the internet.

Why? — APIs have emerged out of a need to exchange information with…

0c|4d617274696e|f214 -> Help me decode!!

Programs work with data in 2 different representations —

  1. In memory, data is kept in objects, structs, list, arrays, hash tables, trees etc. These data structures are optimised for efficient access and manipulation by the CPU (typically using pointers)
  2. When we want to write data…

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